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Skinny World Diet Program

We are pleased to introduce the Skinny World Diet Program (SWDP) - a clinically proven, easy-to-do weight loss solution for people who want to lose weight and keep it off. Information like this, slideshows, FAQs, cheat sheets and interactive logs and graphs will help you keep on track and on target for success.

The SWDP is a medical weight loss program based on a successful protocol developed by a British endocrinologist. Under the influence of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in conjunction with a specific low calorie diet your unwanted abnormal ‘white’ adipose fat is burned and used for energy. You can achieve a drop in weight of approximately 1/4 to 1/2 kg (8 oz – 1 lb) per day without the usual side effects of a calorie-restricted diet - hunger, moodiness or fatigue, and exercise, though desirable, is not required. What's more, 70% of Skinny World dieters are able to maintain their new lower weight over the medium to long term without difficulty. NOW THAT'S NEW!

Phase 1 – Weight Loss (P1) lasts from 26 to 43 days depending on the amount of weight you want to lose - 26 Day Program up to 7 kg (15 lbs) or 30 Day Program up to 8.5 kg (17 lbs) or 43 Day Program up to 15 kg (33 lbs). Weight loss is achieved by daily application of the API in combination with a very low calorie diet (VLCD) of 500 calories per day. The VLCD consists of lunch and dinner only with absolutely no dietary fat, oil or sugar. There are 9 choices of protein, 15 choices of vegetable, 4 choices of fruit plus 1 grissini stick or Melba toast at each of the two meals.

Phase 2 – Stabilization (P2) lasts 21 days. These 3 weeks are like a mini Atkins diet, you return to normal meals and calories but you must strictly avoid all starchy carbohydrate and sugar. You can eat lots of protein, fat, dairy, nuts, seeds and fibrous vegetables and a moderate amount of fruit but NO rice, noodles, bread, potato, pastry, pizza, sugar, syrup or honey. Everything made with flour or sugar is off-limits until P3. This includes sauces, dressings, jams, candy, cookies, cake, flavored milk or yoghurt and so on. These 3 weeks are essential for your brain to stabilize at your new lower weight.

Phase 3 – Maintenance (P3) lasts 21 days. During this phase starchy carbohydrates and sugar are gradually reintroduced one at a time to see which, if any, make your weight fluctuate. Offending carbohydrates may need to be consumed in smaller quantities or avoided in future.

After completing the SWDP your body will be reset for medium to long-term stable lower weight. Apart from being slimmer, you will also have better health and more a youthful appearance. Men have the added benefit of improved erectile function.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now at Timeline to Skinny.

Day 1 apply your API according your supplier’s instructions. Weigh, measure and photograph yourself – front, back and side. Record your weight, measurements and ‘before’ photos online. You need to input your weights daily and your measurements approximately weekly to the end of P1.

Day 1 and Day 2 are gorging days – it is extremely important to eat as much as you can to prevent feelings of hunger in the first few days of the VLCD. This is a 2-day guilt-free gorgefest. If you skip it or do it half-heartedly you could derail your diet before you even begin.

VLCD days:

26 Day Program - Day 3 to Day 26

30 Day Program - Day 3 to Day 30

43 Day Program - Day 3 to Day 43

Depending on the length of program you have chosen, you will eat 500 calories per day according to the VERY STRICT list of P1 Permissible Ingredients. See P1 Skinny Meals for delicious recipes.

Last use of API:

26 Day Program - Day 23

30 Day Program - Day 27

43 Day Program - Day 40

This is the last day the API is applied. It is also your ‘last weight day’ (LWD) - the weight you will maintain going forward.

The VLCD must be followed for 3 more days after the LWD before you transition to P2.


There is no breakfast in P1. You can have black, green or herbal teas, coffee or plain water. Check out our beverages section in P1 Skinny Meals for some great suggestions to jazz it up.


You will eat from the following 4 categories – protein, vegetable, fruit, carbohydrate.

100 g protein weighed raw from – beef (not marbled with fat – at least 95 percent fat free or lean), veal, skinless chicken breast, skinless white fish, prawns/shrimp, crab or lobster – all visible fat must be removed.

100 g of skim milk cottage cheese or 4 eggs – 1 whole plus 3 whites – may be taken as an occasional alternative to the above listed proteins.

1 – 2 cups of 1 vegetable – asparagus, beet greens (not beetroot), broccoli, cabbage (all varieties), celery, chard, chicory, cucumber, fennel, mushrooms, salad greens (all varieties - arugula/rocket, endive, lettuce, watercress etc.), onion, radish, spinach or tomato.

You may only have 1 vegetable per meal – vegetables CANNOT be mixed BUT a wide variety of herbs and spices are permitted. This includes fresh and dry garlic, ginger, the juice of 1 lemon or 1 lime per day, mustard etc. Make sure any commercial products used contain absolutely NO sugar, fat or oil though.

1 fruit – 1 apple, 1 orange, a handful of strawberries or 1/2 grapefruit.

You cannot have more than 1 fruit per meal.

1 starchy carbohydrate - 1 plain grissini stick or 1 Melba toast. Flavored varieties are not permissible such as cheese, sesame seed, olive etc. Added salt or herbs such as rosemary is permissible. Choose small sticks over big ones.

You must not use of butter or oil in cooking. See P1 Preparation Rules.

The fruit or bread stick may be eaten for breakfast or between meals as a snack but it MUST come from your daily food allowance. You cannot eat both fruits or both grissini at the same time; 1 fruit plus 1 grissini is ok.

The slightest deviation from the permissible ingredients, correct proportion and quantities or preparation rules will cause weight gain.


Your choices for dinner are the same as the lunch options.

Ingredients MUST be varied each day though – i.e. don’t have two chicken meals on the one day and make sure to include as many of the vegetable options throughout the course of the P1 to get as wide a variety of nutrients as possible.

See our fabulous recipe suggestions to keep it tasty and nutritious at P1 Skinny Meals.


1 tablespoon of milk (full cream or skim milk) is permitted per day. There are 20 ml per tablespoon; 5 ml per teaspoon. That means you can have 4 teaspoons of milk per day. DO NOT use creamer as it contains sweetener.

Fats and Oils

Absolutely NO DIETARY FAT OR OIL may be consumed whatsoever during the P1. Butter, oil, lard and cooking spray are NOT PERMITTED. This also means you cannot use commercial sauces or dressings.

See P1 Preparation Rules.


Other than stevia, sugar, honey and artificial sweetener are not permitted at all in P1. Stevia is a naturally occurring sweet substance from the sunflower family of shrubs.


Black, green or herb tea, coffee, plain water, soda water and unflavored mineral water are the only beverages allowed, but these may be taken in unlimited quantity and at all times. Aim to consume about 3 liters (3 quarts) of fluid per day. If commercial herbal teas appear to have an oil slick on the top – it is not permitted in P1. There are a number of ideas for home made teas in P1 Skinny Meals.

SODAS, DIET SODAS, commercial or fresh FRUIT JUICES as well as ALCOHOL are NOT PERMITTED during P1.

TIP: You can have your allocated fruit as a juice or spritzer – check out P1 Skinny Meals for some great beverage ideas.

Alcohol is not permitted in P1. People who normally have high consumption of alcohol will find they do not experience alcohol cravings during the SWDP. Some people use the SWDP as a mechanism to go ‘dry’.

Medication and Cosmetics

No medicines or supplements containing alcohol, oil or sugar may be used during P1. This includes cough syrup which is full of sugar and fish oil supplements which of course are full of oil.

Other than lipstick, eyebrow pencil and face powder, cosmetics must be ‘Oil-FREE’. This includes moisturizer, make-up remover, sunscreen and body lotion. Products that use ‘mineral oil’ are permissible.

You CANNOT have a massage using any oil based lubricant.

If your deodorant contains oil, switch to rock crystal deodorant.

TIP: Clear your makeup counter and bathroom to ensure you don’t accidentally apply oil-based products as it will derail your weight loss track.


Vegetarians are able to do the SWDP provided they at least drink milk and eat skim cottage cheese and eggs. It is a bonus if you can also take the seafood options. If you cannot take any animal protein, your average weight loss will be about half that of non-vegetarians.

NOTE: Animal based proteins increase your rate of metabolism. Plant based proteins tend to slow it down.


It is strongly recommended that vegans do not undertake the SWDP as you are likely to experience protein deficiency during P1. Daily intake of protein is essential for maintenance of good health but good sources of vegetable protein are not permissible during P1.

P2 lasts exactly 3 weeks (21 days). During this phase you can eat anything you please EXCEPT SUGAR AND STARCHY CARBOHYDRATE. You return to normal calories including fat (bacon, butter, oil, avocado, cheese, yoghurt, oily fish, lamb and all the other good things you have been holding out for plus your fish oil supplements if you take them normally) BUT you CANNOT eat any starchy carbohydrate or sugar OR food containing sugar, honey, high fructose corn syrup, wheat or other grains etc.

For these 3 weeks YOU CANNOT EAT any processed foods including gravies, sauces, ketchup, dressings, jams, biscuits, crackers or cookies, cakes, pastries, desserts, confectionery, chocolate, chips, crisps, pretzels or even breakfast cereals or muesli most of which are full of sugar. Sodas are still on the no-no list as they contain sugar as does ice cream.

Please note Skinny World does not endorse any sodas other than plain soda water or sparkling mineral water and especially not diet sodas or anything which contains artificial sweeteners.

You CANNOT eat grains such pasta, rice, noodles, pastry or bread – you cannot even have a grissini stick. Potatoes and yams or sweet potatoes are not permitted in P2 either. Take care with beans (e.g. gabanzo, kidney, lima, fava or broad etc.) and peas as they are fairly high in starch. One glass of wine with dinner is ok but Skinny World recommends you wait until P2 Day 10.

Check with your doctor before resuming medications because (1) due to weight loss you may not need it now or may need it in a smaller dose, and (2) if it contains sugar or artificial sweetener it is still prohibited. Fish oil tablets are now ok because there is no longer any restriction in eating fat or oil.

You can revert to wearing normal makeup and using body care products. Massage using oil is ok now also.

Other than starchy carbohydrate and sugar there is no need to ‘play it safe’ but you MUST continue to weigh yourself daily. If you notice your weight is creeping up, review what you are eating and eliminate anything that contains starchy carbohydrate or sugar. ‘If your weight increases by 1 kg (2 lbs) or more over the weight achieved on your LWD you must do a ‘Steak Day’.

DO NOT continue to ‘diet’ as this will cause your weight to go up! Unless adequate protein is eaten during this phase, you could experience protein deficiency. Protein deficiency doesn't happen during P1 because protein was being fed back into your system by the breakdown of fatty tissue under the influence of the API. Now that you are no longer using the API this is not happening. Protein deficiency causes water retention – hence weight gain.

Approximately 70 percent of Skinny World dieters successfully maintain their new lower weight over the medium to long term. By strictly following the P2 no starchy carbohyrates or sugar rule you will make sure you are one of them.

P3 lasts exactly 3 weeks (21 days). Now you need to gradually reintroduce starchy carbohydrates and sugars. At the same time you MUST REDUCE FAT, which was temporarily higher than normal during P2.

P3 Day 1 - try one starch and see whether it tips the scales the next day. If you are Asian you will want to try rice. Westerners might crave potato or bread. Give your staple starch a try but only have 1 starch at 1 meal the first day.

P3 Day 2 - if the scales remain stable, try a different starch - e.g. pasta or noodles.

P3 Day 3 - if the scales remain stable again try another starch.

During the first week you need to try potato and a variety of grains - rice, wheat (bread, pastry, pizza etc), rye, barley and so on. If any of the staple starches cause you to gain weight, try it in a different form or a smaller quantity - e.g. brown or basmati rice instead of white rice; wholemeal bread instead of white bread.

Each morning you must weigh yourself before taking any food or water and record your weight online. You will be surprised how much you are now able to eat without putting on weight. But don't over eat.

Provided that's all going well you can now have sugar BUT have it on it's own first.

If that goes well you can now have starchy carbohydrate or sugar at 2 meals - e.g. eggs on toast at breakfast and chicken with rice at dinner.

You can also try cake or cookies - flour and sugar.

By the end of P3 – Maintenance you should be able to eat anything you like in any quantity but you MUST continue to weigh yourself daily and if the scales register an increase in weight of 1 kg (2 lbs) or more over the weight achieved on your ‘last weight day’ (LWD) you must do a ‘Steak Day’.