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  • 12 Months Skinny Practitioner Membership
  • Access to Shared Client Skinny Files
  • Doctor Diary Form
    • Notes
    • Prescription form
    • Suitability Criteria
    • Health Information Form
    • Consultation History
  • All Skinny World Practitioner Member Website Features
    • BMI Calculator
    • Waist-Hip-Calculator
    • Timeline-to-Skinny
    • Practitioner Slideshows including:
      • SWDP for Doctors
      • How to conduct an SWDP information session
      • How to conduct an SWDP supervised program
    • 16 SWDP Slideshows
    • > 100 FAQs
    • P1 Permissible Ingredients
    • P1 Skinny Meals
    • Video Gallery
  • Access to Skinny Member Forum
  • Access to Practitioner ONLY Forum

NOTE: Practitioner membership is only available to board certified and registered health practitioners.

If you want to become an Accredited Skinny World Practitioner or open your own Skinny World Slimming Center, contact us by Live Chat.