Day 12

Good morning…...!

After going to the toilet and before you eat or drink anything, weigh yourself naked and record your weight in the Daily Log

Take your HCG Application - Depending on method: Inject, Take or Apply.

Today is measurement day. When you log your individual, the cumulative loss will be automatically calculated. You can also upload more photos, so compare today’s shots with your ‘before’ shots. You will be amazed at the results in just 10 days of dieting.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water, take some gentle exercise and get to bed early.

My Shopping List

Day 12 Shopping List


Hiananese Chicken
Sliced Cucumber
Strawberry Coulis


Shrimp/Prawns Poached in Tomato
1/2 Grapefruit

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Arrange My Fridge

You will need to take a portion of chicken breast fillet from the freezer for tomorrow’s meals.

Prepare Food in Advance

Your Egg Cabbage Soup will taste better if you use the Skinny Vegetable Stock. If you have done so already, you might want to prepare some stock in advance.

Use non starchy vegetables only - celery, onion, and herbs such as oregano and thyme. DO NOT use carrot, parsnips or potato because it will cause you to gain weight.

2 1/2 L of water makes enough for 6 portions. Leave one portion unfrozen and separate the other 5 portions before freezing.

My Shopping List

Shopping List Days 13 to 17