Day 3

Good morning...

Today is your first day of dieting. You will eat just 500 calories today and every day until the end of P1.

After going to the toilet and before you eat or drink anything, weigh yourself naked and record your weight in the Daily Log

Take your HCG Application - Depending on method: Inject, Take or Apply.

You have gained a little - … kg/lbs - don't panic. It will all drop off in a day or two.

Drink lots of water, this is good for your kidneys (produces more diluted urine - wee-wee) and it will help with elimination through your bowels too (softer faeces - poo). Make a habit of drinking lots of water all the way through the diet.

You can also drink black, green and herb tea, coffee - no sugar though. If you can’t live without sweetener, Stevia is the only one that is permissible - BEWARE: some brands add sugar to improve the flavor, so check the label, make sure it really is sugar free.

My Shopping List

Day 3 Shopping List


Chicken Parsley Turmeric Balls
Fried Tomatoes


Beef Scallopini Picatta


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  • morning injections/application of HCG until P1 Day 23
  • you will skip your injection/dose/application of HCG on the two heaviest days of your period
  • weigh yourself every morning after using the toilet and before eating or drinking anything
  • if you can’t produce a bowel movement before your morning tea or coffee, weigh yourself before eating or drinking
  • only eat permissible ingredients till end P1
  • 100g of protein; 1-2 cups of 1 vegetable, 1 fruit, 1 grissini stick or Melba toast
  • vary ingredients and use herbs and spices so you get as wide as possible an array of nutrients
  • weigh your proteins raw using metric electronic food scales
  • you can be a little under but not over the 100g mark
  • only eat lunch and dinner from today until end P1 - no breakfast or snacks
  • if you absolutely must have something to eat before 12 noon, take the fruit or grissini stick/Melba toast from your lunch portion
  • from today until end P1 don’t eat or even touch any fat, oil or cream or use oil or lotion on your face or body unless it is ‘oil-free’
  • no oil-based makeup, toiletries or massage till P2 Day 1
  • wear disposable gloves if you must prepare fatty food for the family
  • wash your hands immediately if you accidentally touch fat or oil etc
  • no alcohol from today till P2 Day 10
  • if you like the booze, don’t panic, the HCG will not only act like an appetite suppressant, but take away alcohol cravings too
  • no sugar, honey or other sweeteners till P3 Day 1
  • beware of chewing gum, medicines including cough mixture that contain sugar or sugar substitutes

Arrange My Fridge

Before you go to bed tonight, pull out a portion of chicken breast fillet and fish for tomorrow’s dinner.

Prepare Food in Advance

If you want to get organized for tomorrow, you can get your Skinny Chicken Waldorf cracking tonight. Once the steamed chicken cools down, you need to tear it up into little skinny strips with your hands. Skinny Chicken Waldorf is eaten cold as a salad with finely diced celery and apple. Don’t prepare the apple until you are ready to eat it though because once it’s cut it starts to go brown.