Day 5

Good morning...

Stay on course, don’t cheat. Tell yourself, I CAN DO IT.

After going to the toilet and before you eat or drink anything, weigh yourself naked and record your weight in the Daily Log

Take your HCG Application - Depending on method: Inject, Take or Apply.

You should be feeling pretty good, by that I mean not hungry, moody or anxious. This is the amazing thing about the HCG weight loss program. In addition to taking off a very satisfying amount of weight each day, you (and those around you) will start to realize that you have what the FDA calls ‘an improved sense of well-being’ - that is you are calmer and less grumpy and have more energy than normal. That’s the opposite of most diets right?

So if you feel hungry, irritable or teary you had better check your HCG. You can do this by buying a pregnancy test kit. Put some of your HCG on it. If it comes up positive it’s real HCG. If not you need to get a genuine supply of HCG.

WARNING: Doing the HCG weight loss program without real HCG is dangerous. It will result in muscle loss inadequate nutrition due to no white adipose fat being released for supplemental nutrition hunger, fatigue, moodiness

If you didn’t gorge with gusto, you might be experiencing some hunger pains. These will peak tomorrow but taper off the following day, so hang in there.

My Shopping List

Day 5 Shopping List


Moroccan Shrimp/Prawns


Kofta Curry Meat Balls

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You might be experiencing headaches as you start to detox from sodas and sugar. If so take the recommended dose of your usual painkiller - aspirin or codeine.

Arrange My Fridge

You will need to take a portion of chicken breast fillet and fish and fish stock from the freezer for tomorrow’s meals.

Prepare Food in Advance

The Fish Yum Spinach Soup is based on the Skinny Fish Stock recipe. To produce the Thai inspired ‘Yum’ you add lemongrass and a teaspoon of Braggs Liquid Aminos (substitute for soy sauce). It will taste better if you prepare it in advance.

You can make Strawberry Coulis in advance too. I suggest you use frozen strawberries. If you want to prepare several portions, count eight frozen strawberries per portion. When it’s done, divide the number of portions you have prepared evenly into individual clip-lock containers and freeze. Leave one portion in the fridge for tomorrow’s dinner.