Day 8

Good morning...

After going to the toilet and before you eat or drink anything, weigh yourself naked and record your weight in the Daily Log

Take your HCG Application - Depending on method: Inject, Take or Apply.

Now this is a touchy subject - your bowels. How are they going? You should be moving your bowels at least every 2 days. If you are experiencing toilet trouble - not being able to do a number 2 - you might need to replace your grissini stick/Melba toast with 1 Tbsp of psyllium husk in a mince ball or patty meal or sprinkle it on your garlic shrimp/prawns.

This should get your bowels moving. Nevertheless, don’t forget there’s not a lot of food going in so don’t expect a whole lot to be coming out. Do you have time to see another slide-show? I can recommend Fiber slide-show.

Remember to drink lots of water because it helps your bowel movements, get some exercise and go to bed early.

My Shopping List

Day 8 Shopping List


Skewer Garlic Shrimp/Prawns
Iceberg Lettuce Shallot Parsley Salad
Strawberries with Cinnamon and Clove


Steamed Ginger Soy Fish Fillet
Cucumber Chive Lime ‘soy’
Apple Mint Tea

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Arrange My Fridge

You will need to take a portion of fish fillet and lean beef mince from the freezer for tomorrow’s meals.