FAQs Skinny World Diet Program

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. In the case of the Skinny World Diet Program, the API is HCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

HCG is a glycoprotein naturally produced during pregnancy. Used for weight loss, HCG enables the dieter’s abnormal white adipose fat to be used as the primary source of fuel or energy. Each day between 2000 – 4000 calories of the dieter’s own body fat supplements calories from food. That's why Skinny World dieters don’t experience hunger in P1 Weight Loss.

No. Its action is identical in men and women. The only sexual change it can bring about after puberty is an improvement of a pre-existing deficiency. It does not viralize a woman or cause growth of facial hair, nor does it feminize men or cause them to grow breasts.

Strictly speaking no. It is a glycoprotein chain of amino acids.

Very Low Calorie Diet

Yes. A licensed medical practitioner must prescribe the API and it must be supplied through a licensed pharmacy. This ensures it is genuine and effective - i.e. it is stored and handled correctly and is dispensed in an appropriate dose.

Yes. The Skinny World Diet Program can be followed by men and women.

No. The Skinny World Diet Program can only be followed by people over the age of 16 as the API may cause ‘precocious maturity’, i.e. cause the early onset of puberty.

Men typically lose about ½ kg (1 lb) per day. Women average around ¼ - ⅓ kg (½ - ¾ lb) per day.

No. The API is only used during P1 Weight Loss.

That depends on the following factors:
1) how much weight you need to lose
a) up to 7 kg (15 lbs) – choose the 26 day program
b) up to 15 kg (33 lbs) – choose the 43 day program
c) more than 15 kg (15 lbs) – you will need to do multiple rounds
2) time available to commit to the diet
3) your budget

As soon as you lose all your abnormal ‘white’ adipose fat, you will at once begin to experience ravenous hunger. This is because the API only puts abnormal fat into circulation and cannot, in the doses used on the Skinny World Diet Program, liberate normal fat deposits. When you have exhausted abnormal fat as indicated by extreme hunger, you need to increase P1 calories to 800 per day until the end of the course.

No. All abnormal ‘white’ adipose fat is targeted and released for energy. At the end of the program you will have a more normal distribution of fat than is experienced on other weight loss programs.

Even in mild cases of overweight, it takes about 21 days of dieting before the hypothalamus has sufficiently rested and regains its normal fat-banking capacity. If you stop a course early and transition to P2, the weight lost is more easily regained than if you complete the course. The minimum number of days on the API is 18 followed by 3 API-FREE days on the VLCD

The API is effective in 4 forms:
1) transdermal cream compound – the Skinny World preferred method
2) injections
3) sublingual drops
4) nasal spray
5) pellets – NOT recommended by Skinny World
6) oral liquid homeopathic drops – NOT recommended by Skinny World. This method is ILLEGAL in some markets because it is not therapeutic.

If the API is freshly mixed, Intramuscular injection (IM) administered by a medical professional or self-administered subcutaneous injection (SC). Mixing it daily ensures it is the most potent. Pharmaceutical data sheets for the API state is it potent for 60 days if handles and stored correctly - i.e. refrigerated.

You should be followed by a qualified health care professional if you are obese (Body Mass Index of 30 or above) or have a chronic medical condition. Weight loss may cause a change in your health status, most often for the better. Nevertheless, lowered body weight may require alteration in the dose of medications taken during the course of P1 Weight Loss. If your practitioner is experienced in supervising the Skinny World Diet Program, their advice will be invaluable and ensure that you lose the maximum amount of weight and achieve long term success.

People with androgen-dependent tumours such as male breast carcinoma or prostatic carcinoma, endometrial cancer or post-menopausal ovarian cancer are NOT SUITABLE for the Skinny World Diet Program. The HCG Diet Council states there is no impediment for a person cleared of cancer for 2 years to follow the Skinny World Diet Program. This is a matter for your licensed medical practitioner to decide.

Provided you at least eat eggs, skim cottage cheese and skim milk you can do the Skinny World Diet Program but you will achieve about half the weight loss of those who eat meat, chicken and seafood.

The most common reasons are as follows:
1) their API was not genuine or was not dispensed in the correct dose. This results in
a) inability to complete the calorie restricted phase due to hunger, fatigue, moodiness (the usual symptoms of a normal calorie restricted diet)
b) loss of lean muscle rather than abnormal ‘white’ adipose fat
c) weight gain when normal meals and calories are resumed
2) lack of knowledge about how the Skinny World Diet Program works
a) the Skinny World Diet Program is highly sensitive. The smallest deviation from the protocol may cause weight gain! It is important you read and understand how the program works – see About Diet pages
3) lack of commitment and unwillingness to stick to the rules
a) people who cheat don’t lose weight. The Skinny World Diet Program is about more than calories. You cannot substitute one food for another or make up for a dietary error
4) failure to complete P2 Stabilization properly
a) strict adherence to the P2 no starchy carbohydrate or sugar rule is essential to stabilize and establish your new weight-set-point. The hypothalamus isn't reset until you maintain the weight loss for at least 18 – 21 days.

Without the influence of HCG:
1) your body does not release abnormal ‘white’ adipose fat nor is it able to use it for energy or fuel
2) your brain will think you are starving because it cannot distinguish between dieting and starving
3) after a couple of days metabolic events slow your progress and eventually prevent you from losing weight due to a more stimulated appetite, a preference for less physical activity, a slower metabolism, moodiness, anxiety and fatigue
4) feelings of hunger, moodiness, anxiety and fatigue make it hard to stick to the diet
5) unless vigorous exercise is added to a normal calorie restricted diet, lean muscle is lost in addition to normal fat and water
6) because you have been in ‘starvation mode’ and your metabolism is much slower than normal, when you stop dieting and resume 'normal' calories your body hoards calories which means you experience rapid weight gain. Weight gained after a normal calorie restricted diet is abnormal ‘white’ adipose fat. If you have lost lean muscle tissue due to not adding vigorous exercise to your diet, you will actually end up looking worse after a normal calorie restricted diet than you did before it.

Yes, it is legal. FDA states: “HCG is FDA-approved as an injectable prescription drug for the treatment of female infertility, hormone treatment in men and other medical conditions”. Once a pharmaceutical company funds clinical trials for a new drug and it is approved by the FDA, it is not necessary to fund trials of the same drug for other purposes. Prescription of a drug for a purpose other than that for which it was trialled is termed ‘off-label’. ‘Off-label’ prescription by a doctor is common. A licensed medical practitioner may write a prescription for HCG. An HCG Diet trial has not been funded for the purpose of weight loss, therefore when prescribed for weight loss it is considered ‘off-label’.

Yes. During the weight loss phase of the Skinny World Diet Program a therapeutic dose is  HCG 125-170 IU per day. Under the IVF fertility program, from 5,000 – 10,000 IU is injected per day of treatment. Pregnant women have as much as 1,000,000 IU naturally occurring per day.

The FDA considers the advertising and sale of homeopathic HCG drops to be unethical due to it containing little to no HCG, therefore in late 2011 the sale of homeopathic HCG drops was banned in the USA. Some individuals interpreted this to mean HCG was illegal. That is not the case.

Running scientific trials is costly. Because it is already approved for use by the FDA, pharmaceutical companies are not inclined to provide funding that will benefit their competitors.

Cost varies from market to market, but in general a 26 day course using genuine HCG in a therapeutic dose will cost about USD 500-600 and a 43 day course will cost about USD 800-1000. If you receive mentoring from a health service provider, additional fees will be charged according to the type of service delivered and time spent with you.


If you cease to lose weight without any dietary error, and your period is late you may be pregnant. If this is a possibility, stop using the API. Have a pregnancy test on the fifth day after ceasing use of the API. Having a test earlier than this may result in a false positive due to the presence of residual HCG.

If you are sexually active, within child bearing age, and you are concerned about this, you should consult with your health service provider about using contraception.


No. Hormone replacement therapy can interfere with the action of the HCG. You may have to temporarily discontinue HRT for the duration of P1 Weight Loss. Make an appointment to discuss this with your doctor.

About 14 days after ovulation in a woman of child bearing age, if the egg is not fertilized, estrogen and progesterone levels drop and menstruation takes place. Administration of HCG during P1 Weight Loss promotes production of progesterone which interferes with menstrual bleeding, making the period heavier. Therefore women of child bearing age should cease application of the API during the 2 heaviest days of bleeding.

NOTE: 500 calorie per day Skinny Meals continue during the API ‘SKIP’ days.

Women with menstrual disorders should seek the advice of their licensed medical practitioner before commencing the Skinny World Diet Program.

Yes. You must not apply them to yourself and if you have to apply them to another person, you must wear gloves to prevent contact with them.

During pregnancy, due to the high levels of naturally occurring HCG, obese women can lose weight by reducing calories without hunger or discomfort or in any way harming the growing fetus. Nevertheless, pregnant women are NOT SUITABLE for the Skinny World Diet Program.

Nursing mothers are NOT SUITABLE for the Skinny World Diet Program.

Yes. In 2012 a new term was coined - ‘Normal Weight Obesity.' The media call it ‘Skinny Fat’. A person who is statistically normal weight may still suffer from a high fat to muscle ratio.

Females tend to lose less weight than males and lose it less consistently. This is due to the following factors:
1) temporary plateaus in weight loss may occur due to hormonal changes e.g. around ovulation or during menstruation. This may cause water retention.
2) when fat is extracted from fat cells under the influence of the API, water may replace it prior to breakdown of the fat cell membranes. Water is heavier than fat therefore the scales may show no loss of weight although sufficient fat has actually been consumed to make up for the deficit of calories in the VLCD. When the cell membrane is broken down, water is released together with increased urination and consequently a marked loss of weight.
3) people typically plateau when they reach a weight they were previously for some time

You must carefully plan to accommodate 2 factors:
1) there should be at least 10 days of effective weight loss before an API 'SKIP' day. As the API must be skipped on the 2 heaviest days of your period you cannot start later than 12 days before your next period is due
2) the end of P1 Weight Loss MUST NOT coincide with the start of your period

Timeline to Skinny automatically selects best start days for you.

Side Effects

Up to 80 percent of Skinny World dieters experience a change in their bowel movements during P1 Weight Loss. This is primarily due to the fact that very little food being consumed which means there's not much that can come out. It is very important to drink a lot of water during the diet phase - aim for 2 liters per day. If you are experiencing feelings of constipation drink more water or have a camomile tea.

Fats and oil are not permitted in the VLCD nor they can you use them on your skin, therefore it is common to experience dry and cracked skin during P1. If this occurs, use a mineral based lubricant such as Vaseline or baby oil. Products derived from petroleum jelly or other ‘Oil-FREE’ moisturizers are permissible during P1.

Dieters sometimes experience headaches early in P1. This will most likely be due to sugar withdrawal, detoxification or dehydration. If you experience headaches you may use your usual analgesic pain killer such as Aspirin or Paracetamol according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Some people experience muscle weakness during P1. They are not breathless or exhausted but their muscles feel like they have to work harder to achieve a task such as climbing a set of stairs. As abnormal fat deposited between, in, and around muscles (like marbling in a beef steak) is removed through weight loss, muscle fibers are temporarily too long. The more overweight you are the more likely you are to experience this. Don't worry though, within a couple of days the muscle adjusts and the fibers become more taut. This phenomenon does not occur in dieters who regularly take vigorous exercise and continue to do so during treatment.

Skinny World dieters who don’t vary their protein, vegetable and fruit options daily through P1 run the risk of losing more hair than normal. It is advisable not to eat the same meat or vegetable twice in one day – e.g. seared chicken breast and chicken mince balls; or egg cabbage soup and stir ‘fry’ beef strips and cabbage. Skinny World also recommends the liberal use of fresh and dry herbs and spices.

NOTE: if you use seasoning mix – e.g. Mexican Seasoning, make sure it doesn’t contain sugar.

Initially under the influence of the API, blood uric acid levels rise sharply. Patients who have a history of gout may experience an acute episode during the first few days of P1 but remain free of pain thereafter. If they do a second round of the Skinny World Diet Program, they may again experience another episode of gout.

If you are prone to gout, ask your doctor to prescribe Colchicine as a prophylactic (a preventive measure). Keep it near to hand at all times so you can use it at the first sign of a gout attack.

Skinny World dieters commonly experience a gradual drop in blood pressure during the course of P1. Normal values are regained a few days after treatment ceases.

Patients with psoriasis will notice an improvement during P1 but experience a relapse after treatment ceases.

Phase 1 Weight Loss

It is absolutely essential to load up on calories during the first 2 – 3 days of the Skinny World Diet Program because it takes 3 days of API application before abnormal ‘white’ adipose fat begins to circulate and become available to satisfy energy requirements. Until your abnormal ‘white’ adipose fat becomes available for fuel, ‘normal’ fat reserves must be well stocked to prevent feelings of hunger. If you feel satisfied it will set you up for success. If you feel hungry it will set you up for failure. So be good and gorge properly.

There are 2 important reasons why you must record your daily weights:
1) if you gain weight it alerts you of the need to take corrective action. Because the Skinny World Diet Program is so sensitive to dietary or other errors, an increase in weight tells you something went wrong. You need to investigate what you did wrong and correct it before it derails your progress
2) having a daily weight record of weight loss provides great motivation to stick to the VLCD.

There is a long list starting with
1) not weighing your protein accurately
2) not cutting all the fat off your protein
3) using butter, fat or oil in food preparation
4) touching anything oily or forgetting to wash your hands promptly
5) drinking a diet soda
6) chewing gum
7) taking cough syrup
8) wearing make up, body moisturizer or having a massage using oil or lotion

Weigh yourself naked with dry hair first thing in the morning, after using the bathroom and before eating or drinking anything. This is your actual weight without adding the weight of food you eat or fluid you drink during the day.

Keeping a food journal through Phase 1, 2 and 3 is essential so that you can correlate food consumption to weight loss, plateau or gain. If you stop losing weight in P1, or actually gain weight at any stage you can promptly review the data and identify what the problem was. Rectifying a problem quickly will get you back on track so that you reach and maintain your goal weight.

Yes, under the influence of the API your abnormal ‘white’ adipose fat is metabolized 24/7. It becomes your primary source of fuel. As much as 2000 – 4000 calories of your own body fat supplements the 500 food calories from the VLCD. Some people even have trouble getting through 500 calories because they feel full before they can finish.

It varies according to which phase you are on:
1) P1 Weight Loss permits lunch and dinner only and limits food to 500 calories per day. You can only eat food on the P1 Permissible Ingredients list in the correct proportion according to the P1 Preparation Rules. P1 Permissible Ingredients cannot be exchanged for other foods
2) P2 Stabilization permits normal meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – and normal calories but no starchy carbohydrates or sugars
3) P3 Maintenance permits normal meals and calories. Although there are no longer any no-nos, Skinny World’s goal is to empower you with knowledge to help you make better healthier choices.

When you are not on the Skinny World Diet Program breaking your over-night fast is important. Breakfast signals the body it can metabolize normally, that there is no threat of starving or need to hoard calories. Under the influence of the API in P1, abnormal fat is broken down and released 24/7. Your body does not ‘fast’ overnight therefore breakfast is not necessary.

If you really can’t manage without taking breakfast during P1 you may take the lunch portion of fruit or a grissini stick PROVIDED THAT you don’t take an additional portion at lunch.

NOTE: Do not have 2 grissini sticks or 2 fruit at the same time.

Under the influence of the API, your abnormal white adipose fat is metabolized and used for fuel or energy. This means that your blood is continually being saturated with nutrients from fat. The 500 food calories is supplemented by your own body fat which contributes about 2000 – 4000 calories per day. That equates to weight loss of about 1/4 to 1/2 kg (0.5 – 1 lb) per day.

During P1 a vegetarian diet consists of 3 protein based foods:
1) eggs – 1 whole and 3 whites per serving prepared boiled, poached, ‘fried’ in a non-stick pan without oil, or raw
2) 100 g skim cottage cheese per serving – a curd product with a mild flavor, drained not pressed so some whey remains and the individual curds remain loose
3) 500 ml skim milk per day

No. Although total cholesterol increases, so called ‘bad’ LDL decreases. Normally so-called ‘good’ HDL cholesterol circulates in ratio to so-called ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol in proportion of 25 percent HDL to 75 percent LDL. It is thought that the latter, LDL, contributes to damage of the artery walls. Under the influence of the API this proportion is reversed which is why arteriosclerosis improves during a course of the Skinny World Diet Program.

There are quite a few:
1) improvement in arteriosclerosis (mentioned above)
2) people with high blood pressure have lower blood pressure after the Skinny World Diet Program
3) women may have lowered risk for breast cancer
4) men experience improved libido during P1
5) men experience improved erectile function during and after P1
6) people with psoriasis experience improvement during P1

Several including:
1) Skinny World dieters do not experience the usual side effects of a calorie-restricted diet such as hunger, moodiness, fatigue or anxiety. On the contrary you will have an improved sense of well-being
2) many people sleep better during P1
3) at the end of the diet you will have a more normal distribution of body fat than on other calorie-restricted diets
4) at the end of P1 you will look and feel years younger

Although the FDA warns against the safety of having a VLCD, there is no evidence that the Skinny World Diet Program is dangerous. There are, however, some factors that Skinny World dieters should take into consideration:
1) Problems associated with self injection of the API
a) in most countries it is considered NOT ‘best practice’ for doctors to send their patients home with syringes and needles unless they have a medical condition that requires it such as insulin dependent diabetics
b) parts of the body can be damaged by incorrect administration e.g. nerve or artery damage
c) inflammation at the site of injection or infection is common among clients who self administer injections
d) syringes and needles are single use items – i.e. they are sterile when in the original packaging and should not be reused under any circumstances. Many websites give tacit support of delivery via self-injections and suggest the greatest danger is from “an infection from not cleaning your syringe” and that one should “remember to use alcohol pads on your needles”. This is very misleading as syringes should NEVER be re-used
e) incorrect disposal of needles poses a public health risk and is an unacceptable practice
f) for all of the above reasons, Skinny World's preferred method of API application is a transdermal delivery system - i.e. cream that you rub into the soft skin on the underside of your upper arm
2) People with medical conditions require medical supervision
a) Skinny World advises anyone who has any form of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorder, menstrual disorders or who has a BMI of 30 or above to seek the advice of their licensed medical practitioner before commencing the Skinny World Diet Program and, if approved to proceed, medical supervision by your licensed medical practitioner throughout the course of the Skinny World Diet Program
b) the Skinny World Diet Program must NOT be undertaken by any person who is:
i) under 17 years of age
ii) not in sound health
iii) pregnant or breastfeeding
iv) testicular cancer
v) male breast cancer
vi) post-menopausal ovarian cancer
vii) endometrial cancer
viii) vegan
3) Not using genuine HCG or using it in the incorrect dose could run the risk of:
a) loss of muscle tissue
b) undernourishment due to your inability to supplement the VLCD with adipose body fat
c) inability to stabilize at your new lower weight
4) Not eating enough variety of food in P1
Eating as wide as possible a variety of ingredients from the P1 Permissible Ingredients prevents complications associated with vitamin and mineral deficiency, the most common of which is greater than normal hair loss
5) Rapid change in health status due to lower body weight
a) as your BMI improves through weight loss, you may need to reduce the dose or eliminate it altogether. If you start to experience dizziness or light-headedness, seek the advice of your licensed medical practitioner
6) Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
Symptoms of OHSS are seen in 1 – 6 percent of women using HCG for fertility treatment which administers significantly higher doses of HCG than under the Skinny World Diet Program. Nevertheless, in the rare event that you experience any of the following symptoms seek medical attention without delay:
a) mild – abdominal bloating and feeling of fullness, nausea, diarrhea, slight weight gain
b) moderate – excessive weight gain (weight gain of greater than 1 kg (2 lbs) per day), increased abdominal girth, vomiting, diarrhea, darker urine and less in amount, excessive thirst, and skin and/or hair feeling dry (in addition to mild symptoms)
c) severe – fullness/bloating above the waist, shortness of breath, pleural effusion, urination significantly darker or has ceased, calf and chest pains, marked abdominal bloating or distention, and lower abdominal pains (in addition to mild and moderate symptoms)

After 30 consecutive applications of HCG you may begin to show signs of immunity. This manifests as hunger. The onset of immunity can be delayed by having six applications of your API per week. On the ‘SKIP’ days it is normal to experience mild hunger.

If you start eating normally while there is even a trace of HCG in your body you will gain weight alarmingly at the end of the treatment. After 3 days, this phenomenon can no longer happen because your blood is no longer saturated with calories from abnormal ‘white’ adipose fat. Therefore you can accommodate the an influx of calories from food.

Use electronic bathroom scales calibrated to zero. They should be on a hard, flat surface, for example the bathroom floor, not on carpet. Weigh yourself every day naked with dry hair first thing in the morning, after you empty your bladder and bowel and before you drink or eat anything. Record your weight online daily.

Medication, Supplements, Cosmetics and Body Care Products

During P1 oils, creams, lotions and ointments (including medicated ones) applied to the skin are absorbed into the blood stream. They interfere with weight reduction as if they had been eaten. For this reason, you cannot apply make up or body care products that contain oil or are promoted as moisturizing.

The following products may be used during P1: lipstick, eyebrow pencil and loose face powder. Unless marked “Oil-FREE”, all oil, cream, lotion, moisturizer and sunscreen must be completely avoided during P1 and perfume and cologne should be applied to clothing not the skin.

Find out more at Body Care and Makeup

Usually not unless it is made from wax, such as Carmex.

Most deodorant contains oil. A suitable Oil-FREE alternative is rock crystal deodorant.

Yes, provided that you rinse it out thoroughly.

It is best to do it just before you commence the VLCD.

Perfume contains oil. Any product applied to the skin that contains oil interferes with the action of HCG for weight loss. If you want to wear a fragrance during P1, spray it on your clothing rather than your skin.

Many medications contain sugar, for example cough syrup. Some hormones such as cortisone interfere with the action of HCG. Before you commence P1, ask your doctor if any medications you are on contain oil, sugar, alcohol (which is a sugar) or even aspartame (artificial sweetener affects the action of HCG too). If so, request that you change to a different preparation or abstain from taking it for the duration of P1 and P2 (if it contains sugar.

Skinny World dieters who don’t eat a wide variety of foods from the P1 Permissible Ingredients list run the risk of becoming temporarily deficient in vitamins and minerals. Real food is infinitely better balanced and more bioavailable than any vitamin tablet. Rather than resort to supplements, Skinny World recommends you vary your protein, vegetable and fruit options daily as well as use liberal amounts of herbs and spices through P1.

Bending the rules

Yes, there is no need to restrict salt.

No. In addition to in containing sugar or artificial sweetener, it stimulates saliva, acid and digestive enzymes that are not required. If you just can’t manage without it, SteviaDent is the only brand permissible. Stevia is a natural sweetener without calories.

No. Assertions of “zero” calories not does not change this advice. If you want to take off weight and keep it off you cannot drink any sodas or soft drinks. Artificial sweeteners used in these beverages are detrimental to the function of the hypothalamus.

Mixing vegetables during a P1 meal disturbs weight loss. If someone tells you they did it without adverse effect, it doesn’t mean they lost the maximum amount of weight possible.

Vegetables such as carrot and beans etc. not on the P1 Permissible Ingredients list may be too high in starch and/or higher in calories. Even if they are not higher in calories their composition is not suitable to achieve maximum weight loss.

No. No matter how few calories it has, if it is not on the P1 Permissible Ingredients list you cannot have it.

If you drop the apple and eat an extra breadstick instead, you will not be getting more calories but you will not lose weight either. The Skinny World Diet Program is not one of counting calories, but of specific foods prepared strictly according to approved cooking methods.

Yes. You can eat the allotted food calories any time during the day but it is preferable to have water, tea or coffee for breakfast, and no food. If you must eat at breakfast time or have a mid morning snack, you may eat either the fruit and/or the breadstick from your upcoming lunch portion PROVIDED THAT you do not eat an extra one at lunchtime. Uneaten food may not be saved for the following day.

Never eat two breadsticks or two fruits at the same time.

Egg yolks contain approximately 56 percent fat. P1 requires abstinence of all forms of fats and oils. The original HCG Diet protocol allows egg in the event you develop an aversion to meat. In this case 4 eggs may be taken, 1 whole + 3 whites. They should be prepared boiled, poached or raw. This is a substitute for the 100 g protein of one meal.
100 g of cottage cheese made from skim milk may occasionally be used instead of the meat, but no other cheeses are allowed.

Apart from feeling guilty, ashamed and fearing you’ll put on weight – you will stall the momentum of weight loss if not actually gain weight. Cheating is also a common cause of experiencing a plateau.

If, prior to the Skinny World Diet Program you normally snack or binge, the requirement for strict adherence to the protocol will be a challenge for you, so here are some tips to help you be a Skinny success:

Tip 1: clear the naughty foods from your cupboard so you don't have easy access to the no-nos.
Tip 2: variety is the spice of life. Make sure your P1 Skinny Meals are varied and interesting and stick to permissible quantities. Eat different things for lunch and dinner and vary your protein through all choices – beef, veal, chicken breast, white fish (several varieties), shrimp (prawns), lobster and crab throughout P1.
Tip 3: avoid places that you are likely to cheat and people you are likely to cheat with such as parties, pubs or bars, office birthdays etc.
Tip 4: if you absolutely have to snack, have your fruit or grissini stick early
Tip 5: if you do cheat, think of it as a set-back and not the end of the world. Don’t let it get in the way of the rest of your diet. Be determined to get the best results you possibly can without sabotaging yourself.


As soon as you remember, apply it. Apply it again at the usual time the following day. If it becomes a problem, do something to remind you like put your car keys or house keys in the fridge next to the API.

Skip it the following day.

Unless you are ovulating or pre-menstrual, any weight above 100 g is ALWAYS as a result of a dietary or other error. You need to find out what caused the weight gain so you can avoid making the same mistake again.
1) scrutinize what you have put in your mouth – food and beverages
a) did you cheat or have non-permissible ingredients
b) did you use oil or butter
c) did you forget to weigh your food raw
d) did you use regular make-up or body care products
e) if you ate beef or chicken, was it lean enough? Mince must be at least 95 percent lean
i) grain fed beef is fattier than grass fed beef. If you can’t find less marbled beef, switch to a low grade cut of veal
f) are you taking a new medication or supplement
2) scrutinize what you touched or put on your skin
a) did you touch fat or even timber oil
b) did you have a massage using oil
c) did you rub sunscreen onto yourself or someone else
d) did you rub up against someone with oil or cream on their skin

A plateau can last 4 – 6 days and is more common in the second half of a 43 Day Program. It can occur due to several reasons:
1) you cheated
2) you formerly used diuretics for weight loss
3) rebalancing of water on account of dehydration
4) you are ovulating or menstruating
5) you have reached a weight you previously held for a long time

If your weight remains static for 4 days or more AND YOU HAVE COMMITTED NO DIETARY ERROR you may do an ‘Apple Day’ or a ‘Mini Steak Day’. See P1 Plateau Breakers slideshow.

During P1 you can have 100 g of chicken breast weighed raw. During P2 you can have an unlimited amount of steak. If you don't eat beef, substitute it with a large amount of chicken or salmon.

Aim for at least 2 liters (2 quarts) per day. It is very important to remain well hydrated as this aids fat metabolism and promotes soft bowel motions.

Though you may only evacuate your bowels once every 3 – 4 days, provided you remain well hydrated there is usually no need for use of laxatives. Increase your water intake to 3 liters (quarts) per day. If this doesn't work you may have camomile tea and/or a tablespoon of psyllium husk. The psyllium husk may be drunk in water or included in a mince meat ball. If you have psyllium husk you must SKIP of your grissini stick.
If you go more than 4 days without opening your bowels, contact us on Live Chat or seek medical advice.

No. But you do need to ensure you consume a wide variety of ingredients according to the P1 Permissible Ingredients list so that you get a wide diversity of nutrients. Make sure to add fresh herbs and spices not only for their flavor, but their food value as well. Under the influence of HCG the unwanted adipose fat that is being re-metabolized has stored vitamins, minerals and protein – this is fed back into the body and reused for energy.

There is a difference between hunger and interest in food. If you experience actual hunger on the Skinny World Diet Program there are some possible reasons:
1) you did not gorge sufficiently during the first 2 or 3 days of P1. This may cause hunger for the first 4 to 7 days of the VLCD.
2) you do not have
a) genuine HCG or it is not in a therapeutic dose
b) your HCG is out of date or ineffective
3) you may be pregnant
a) if hunger persists for more than 7 days you should purchase a pregnancy test kit and test your urine and HCG on separate litmus strips. If your urine is positive for pregnancy stop the protocol. If your HCG is negative for pregnancy contact the supplier to reissue genuine HCG in a therapeutic dose
4) you have developed symptoms of immunity to HCG
a) immunity to HCG only occurs on the 43 Day Program

Most people on the Skinny World Diet Program don’t have any trouble sleeping but if you do have trouble and you have done all the winding down tricks such as having a valerian or camomile tea, taking a hot bath, counting sheep then consider the following:
1) trouble getting to sleep
a) it may be a sign of increased need for calcium
b) if you are taking a B-complex vitamin supplement which is stimulatory, you might want to review your need for it
2) going to sleep but waking frequently
a) may be associated with an increased requirement for magnesium

In general:
Magnesium is sensitive to stress. When a person is under mental or physical stress, the body increases magnesium excretion. Other factors that hasten magnesium excretion include alcohol consumption and use of diuretics. Laxatives interfere with magnesium absorption. If these have been used as methods to control weight, magnesium supplementation should be considered.
A hyperactive thyroid (over-active) and either hyper- or hypo-parathyroid usually require magnesium supplementation.
Calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12 have a sedative effect. Long term use of calcium can precipitate serious psychological problems including fatigue, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, paranoia, loss of memory, lack of concentration and insomnia, muscle aches and pains, constipation and flatulence.

Caution for those with an under-active thyroid: the above supplements are not recommended as it is common in those with an under-active thyroid to have high calcium to potassium.
In all cases Skinny World recommends you seek advice from your doctor before taking vitamin or mineral supplements

The correct action to take depends on the expected duration of the interruption.
For more information see the Travel and Other Interruptions slideshow

The Skinny World Diet Program is ineffective for chefs, hairdressers, beauticians, masseurs and butchers and anyone else who handles fats and oils. Unless you completely avoid contact with fats and oils during P1, you will not achieve weight loss.

Yes, but you need to wear gloves to prevent contact with fats and oils.

Phase 2 Stabilization and Beyond

Under the influence of the API your brain doesn't think you are starving because you have had the advantage of calories from adipose body fat supplementing the VLCD. When you stop using the API, body fat ceases to be released for energy. When you resume ‘normal’ calories from food, the void in calories is filled without the body wanting to hoard calories. Therefore you do not regain weight even though you are eating a lot more than 500 calories per day.

Your brain needs to stabilize at your new lower weight. It shouldn't fluctuate up or down by more than 1 kg (2 lbs). If you continue to diet it will likely be at the expense of protein. Protein deficiency may cause weight gain. If you experience protein deficiency weight gain you must do a ‘Protein Day’. See P2 P3 Troubleshooting slideshow.

It takes about 3 weeks before the weight reached at the end of the treatment becomes stable. During this period starchy carbohydrates including sugar when eaten in combination with fat cause violent fluctuations in weight. If no carbohydrates whatsoever are eaten, fats can be indulged in more liberally.

Yes, but it will not affect your weight because your body is no longer metabolizing fat and oil as it did under the influence of the API.

You must introduce starchy carbohydrates and sugar slowly to see which, if any, cause an increase in weight. Normally the staple starch you grow up with won’t affect you. When you introduce carbohydrate in P3 you need to reduce the amount of protein and fat you eat. Note how your weight fluctuates from morning to morning. If you gain more than 1 kg from your last weight day (LWD), take action promptly. See P2 P3 Troubleshooting slideshow.

Yes, within reason. Provided that you weigh yourself daily and take corrective action if the scales register above 1 kg (2 lbs) over your LWD, most Skinny World dieters will be able to maintain their weight without difficulty. If you neglect to weigh yourself daily or you revert to adulterated, processed and junk food, your hypothalamus will gradually lose its ability to maintain your new lower weight.

As long as your weight stays within 1 kg (2 lbs) of the weight reached on your LWD, take no notice of any increase BUT if your morning weight increases above 1 kg (2 lbs) even if only slightly you MUST do a ‘Steak Day’. See P2 P3 Troubleshooting slideshow.

Immunity to the API develops after 30 consecutive or 35 spaced applications. The API doesn’t becomes fully effective for approximately 6 weeks from the LWD in Round 1. Round 2 can commence at the conclusion of P3.

Immunity to the API lasts longer each time you do another Round, so the gap between Rounds is progressively longer. For more information see About Diet slideshow.

Subsequent Rounds are counted from your last use of the API on your LWD and the first use of the API on Day 1 of the next Round.

According to research, the Mediterranean Diet is by far the best diet in the world. Find out why in the Nutrition tab.