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Skinny-World’s HCG Diet Tracker gives you the tools you need to complete your HCG Diet Plan and say goodbye to pounds and inches. Build your Skinny profile with daily logs of your food, weight, measurements, HCG use, medication, blood pressure, exercise, and notes. If you like, you can share your results live with your doctor so they can monitor your health and weight in real time. Successfully complete your HCG Diet with a Skinny-World 12-Month membership for as little as $59.00


Skinny-World HCG Diet Membership Features


Timeline to Skinny

To successfully complete the HCG Diet Plan, you must choose the right day to start.
Skinny-World’s break-through technology with our world-first Timeline to Skinny calculates the right start day for you. Menstruating women also need to choose the right day to finish. Pick from the recommended start days and you’re ready to go.


HCG Diet Tracker

Keep track of your progress and watch the pounds and inches melt away. This is a daily weight, food and exercise tracker that also records your blood pressure, medication, HCG use and measurements. It lets you know what day you’re on and how many kg/lbs you’ve lost and how many you have to go.

Skinny-Worlds E-Mentor will guide you step by step for 26 day and 43 day HCG Diet Plans. Written by HCG Diet experts who guide you every step of the way with daily meals and Recipes, Arrange My Fridge, Prepare Food in Advance, Shopping Lists, Troubleshooting, tips on how to maintain your diet and all the info you will ever need to successfully complete your HCG Diet.
E-Mentor requires Skinny Gold Membership.


Previous Rounds

Use Timeline to Skinny to input previous Rounds. Keep a weight loss history. Compare your earlier rounds to now.



Unique tool for people with diabetes. This unique tool exclusive to Skinny-World is for people with diabetes or anyone who wants to monitor their blood sugar level (BSL). Record BSL readings up to 3 times daily, view your history graph and current chart. BSL usually improves with weight loss. Share your BSL file with your doctor who can monitor and advise you in real time.


Calculators & Converters

BMI/BMR, Waist-Hip-Ratio, My Skinny Tracker. Skinny-World keeps you on track and on target for success. Find out, what your current Body Mass Index (BMI) is, how much weight you still need to lose to fit into the healthy, low risk ‘normal’ weight category. Pounds to kilograms, quarts to liters, Fahrenheit to Celsius – don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.


Doctor Share

For peace of mind and professional care… Select Skinny Silver Membership and approve your medical doctor or other health service provider to enable them to view your file and manage your health and weight loss program in real time. NOTE: Skinny-World recommends that all prospective HCG dieters seek professional medical advice from their licensed health service provider prior to commencing the program. If you have a medical condition or a BMI of 30 or above, it is recommended that you be monitored by your provider throughout your program.


HCG Diet Meals & Info

Articles, Slideshows, Cheat Sheets, FAQs and more
Learn, Plan, and Trouble-Shoot. Sign up to Skinny-World to find out everything you need to know about the HCG Diet. Ingredients, meals and recipes, how to get started, choose the right HCG product. Skinny-World answers over 100 questions about the HCG Diet. Trouble shooting in P1, 2 and 3, women’s health, makeup, supplements and medication.


HCG Diet P1 Skinny Meals

“Skinny Meals are more gourmet than diet – simply scrumptious!”
All Skinny-World P1 HCG Diet Plan recipes have been nutritionally designed to fulfill your vitamin and mineral requirements through the calorie restricted weight loss phase. Skinny-World’s easy-to-prepare menus will make sure you stay on track and on target for success.


Eat Right for Health

Is what you’re eating good for you? Nutrition matters, find out how good the good stuff is and how bad the bad stuff really is… The Skinny-World team brings you up to date news on the latest research and developments in food and nutrition. All nutrition articles, slide shows and videos fall under the Eat Right for Health tab. you will be shockingly surprised.


Nutrition Notes and Slideshows

Oodles of information on how you can eat right, enjoy new foods and stay healthy. Find out everything you need to know about protein, meat, seafood, dairy, carbohydrate, vegetables, grains, fiber, fungi, fat, seeds, nuts vitamins and minerals, herbs and spices.


Cook with Confidence

Whip up your own mayo, cook the perfect steak, watch our master chef classes and learn to cook with confidence.


Skinny-World Video Channel

It’s a must see, don’t miss it. Follow the Skinny-World Video Channel for all the latest information on nutrition, health and weight loss. Get the inside story on the food industry with playlists on Supermarket Secrets, Bad Science and Big Business, Fast Foods, Sugar and more.


Skinny Talk

Get connected, meet and greet people from all over the world.
Join the Skinny-World online community, share your story and experiences, join discussion groups, connect with other dieters and health conscious eaters from around the globe. Skinny Talk social network is optional. Stay private or tell the world.


Skinny Directory

This is THE place to find weight loss products and services from around the world. Read reviews and look for the Skinny-World stamp of approval for genuine products and certified providers (practitioners – meals and dining – salons and spas) near you who have been tried and tested by the Skinny-World team as competent to run your HCG Diet program right from the get-go to your Skinny end.


My Skinny Tracker

My Skinny Tracker A daily weight, food and exercise tracker for NON-HCG users.

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