Our Story

Skinny World began back in 2011.

I realized overweight and obesity had become a worldwide phenomenon. Before that it was pretty much a Western problem.

I had moved from Australia to Indonesia in 2005. My company was supported by the Australian government to establish professional medical services in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

By 2010 our state-of-the-art multidisciplinary Jakarta clinic offered general medicine, podiatry, physiotherapy, chiropractic and nutrition. Among our clientele were heads of state, senior politicians, military leaders, embassy personnel, local and expatriate business elite.

One day a client approached me to suggest that our clinic offer weight loss. He had successfully lost 20 kg (44 lbs) by following a program offered by a doctor in the USA. At that time he had easily maintained his new lower weight for 5 years. His story really grabbed my attention because nothing I had previously researched or trialled had resulted in long-term success.

The program is based on the findings of an English endocrinologist – Dr ATW Simeons who discovered that a glycoprotein hormone called HCG (which is naturally produced in males and females), in conjunction with a specific low calorie diet, enables people to lose weight quickly, safely and keep it off.

Under the supervision of the clinic’s GP and a nurse consultant from Australia we enlisted 53 patients who lived in Jakarta from Indonesia, China, South Africa, The Netherlands, Australia, North America, Japan, England and India. The majority of trial patients reported they had previously undertaken several diets over a number of years but were unsuccessful in maintaining reduced weight.

Many of them had pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, Type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, thyroid issues, high cholesterol, polycystic ovaries, obstructive sleep apnoea and lower limb joint pain. One patient had previous liposuction and ​two had gastric banding, one of which had it surgically removed post successful outcome of the trial.

As our trial patients commenced the ​diet, it was quickly realized they were able to maintain the calorie restriction without experiencing the hunger, moodiness, lethargy or fatigue commonly experienced on other calorie restricted diets. Contrary to expectation, most reported increased energy and an improved sense of well-being during the calorie restricted phase.

All of our trial patients who followed the 3 ½ week program lost between 5 - 8 kg (11 - 17.5 lbs) and those on the 6 week program lost between 9 - 17 kg (20 - 37.5 lbs). Blood tests taken before and after the program demonstrated dramatic improvement in health status – blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol etc. One patient who had struggled with infertility was able to get pregnant following two rounds of the program. Apart from looking slimmer, our trial patients also looked noticeably younger and healthier.

Part of our analytical criteria was muscle fat tissue analysis which demonstrated that our trial patients' weight loss was primarily fat tissue. Muscle had almost completely been spared. This was exciting because people who follow a ‘normal’ calorie-restricted diet lose muscle as well as fat tissue and then gain fat, not muscle, after their diet. The most exciting outcome of our trial though was that 70 % of trial patients maintained within 1 - 2 kg (2 - 4 lbs) of their new lower weight without difficulty over the next 2 years. Anyone who’s dieted knows that’s different.

In case you didn’t know, weight loss industry standards are a meager 2 % long-term success rate so 70 % is amazing.

We realized we had found a program that would help millions of people everywhere reach and maintain normal healthy weight, that’s why we developed Skinny World – an electronic platform to guide people step-by-step through the diet so they can achieve their weight loss goal and long-term success.

The Skinny World Diet Program is a medical weight loss program. The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) – HCG – enables abnormal adipose fat to be used for energy. You can read more about this on ‘About SWDP’ slideshow.

I am a medical business owner, consultant and clinician with over 20 years of executive management experience and directorial roles in Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. I am also a nutrition author with a special interest in weight loss, gut health, fertility and cancer care.

We have taken complex medical science and turned it into easy-to-follow information that I am confident will turn your life around.

Julie Norton

Here are some testimonials from a few of our hundreds of satisfied clients.


Because I came from a family with no weight problems it was overwhelming when I picked up about 70 pounds. No matter what diet I tried, it just would not go away. In desperation I signed up with a clinic in Texas that used HCG and guaranteed weight loss. Sadly, I lost nothing but hope and began to reconcile myself to being uncomfortably plump. Then my husband was sent to work in Indonesia for three months, so one day while surfing the net I found the Skinny World Diet Program. My husband encouraged me to meet with them and see what they had to offer. We were both impressed with the science behind their weight loss program and in less than a month I dropped almost 30 pounds.

Weight loss alone is not the only thing that makes Skinny World special. The day-by-day counselling and encouragement was a major part of my success. It changed my life in so many ways. Let me encourage you to invest in your health because it will not only make you look and feel better, but you will have a brighter healthier future. They touched my life and made a difference.

Sammie Ussery, Texas

I lost 18 lbs in 30 days. Thank you! I am so pleased with this diet. This is the easiest eating plan I have ever done. I reeeally love the clean eating and I am very happy with my weight loss and how my body has changed.

Thanks for always being here to answer my questions. Appreciate it.

Julie B, Bali

I have managed HCG Diet clients since 2012. Initially I recommended another e-platform to my clients but it required a lot more of my time because it didn't have a way to share my client information with me. This made it difficult to follow their progress and manage their weight loss. Also the information about how to follow the diet wasn't totally accurate.

When I discovered Skinny-World.com - which has accurate information - it gave me easy access to my client data, educational material and a way to manage clients in real time. This improved client satisfaction and outcomes and enabled me to grow my business.

I highly recommend Skinny World to practitioners and clients doing the HCG Diet.

Gail-Maree Miranda RN, HCG Diet Council USA Accredited Consultant, Sydney Australia - 0405720115

I was interested to lose weight for several reasons - my knees were hurting due to osteoarthritis, I had high cholesterol and high blood sugar for the past 10 years despite a mostly vegetarian diet, and a family history of diabetes.

I chose the Skinny World Diet Program because I did not want a diet that starved me. I saw many friends who lost weight and gained it right back within a month of ending their diet, but the HCG Diet offered a permanent solution. Moreover, it is based on a doctor's finding plus Body Clinic was able to monitor my condition regularly.

As I went through the diet, I saw no hardship at all - my weight would drop 500g to 1kg every day and I felt satisfied with the meals which I prepared myself. By the end of the diet, I had lost 6.3kg and 10cm off my waist.

What I liked about Skinny World was they had a program of education about what made me gain weight, and what foods are bad for you. It is now 45 days after the diet and my cholesterol and blood sugar is normal, my knees don't hurt and my weight is still stable! Oh Yeah – and I look about 10 years younger.

Suzy Darmawan, leading business influencer in Indonesia

I want to say a huge thank you for all your help and support whilst I was on the Skinny World Diet Program.

I was overweight and unhappy, now I feel like a new person!

I could not have done it without you! To lose 20kg normally would just take too long, I knew the only way was to be strong for a short period of time, and it worked.

Even though I have completed the program, my mental outlook on food has changed forever. I am aware of what I eat and how it effects my body. Food is fuel, so if there is no nutritional value, I am almost disgusted at the thought of eating it.

I have maintained my weight and still weigh myself everyday. I truly feel like this program was the only thing that would have 'saved' me from my physical and mental sadness....

I am now ready to be a happy and healthy mum and can't wait for this chapter of my life to start!

Thank you for your patience, genuine care and absolute professionalism – all along I knew you cared sooooo much, and not only about how I looked, but about the health of my body, and the happiness in my heart .... I was a girl trapped by my fat, now I feel free and proud.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ..... my new life begins, all because of Skinny-World and you!!

Carollynn D, Bali

I had a very positive experience when I undertook the Skinny World Diet Program by Julie Norton, a nutrition expert advisor from Australia and advisor for Ministry of Health of Indonesia.

I did the 43 days diet and got weight loss from 86.7 to 70.5 kg and now after I finished Phase 3 I am stable at 72.5 kg.

I did not feel hungry during my diet program due to the HCG (growth hormone cream) that stimulates the hypothalamus to release fat deposits.

Alex Hermawanto

I was grossly overweight, pre-diabetic and had polycystic ovaries. No diet worked so I resorted to surgery - gastric banding - but it didn’t work either.

It wasn’t until I found the Skinny World Diet Program that I finally achieved normal healthy weight and blood sugar. Now that I’ve had the gastric band removed I no longer need to suck food through a straw.

Sam J, Jakarta

I cannot believe how well this diet works. I lost 12 kg in 43 days (with a couple of cheats hee hum...) – last day weight was 79.6 kg. I’ve been very bad lately with my eating and drinking habits over Xmas and my weight is stuck on 79.6 kg!! AND my blood pressure is now permanently normal and people can’t get over how much younger I look. Thank you Skinny World.

Trudie G, South African Embassy Executive, Jakarta

I am a 65 year old Texan oil executive. I had 4 stents and 2 spinal operations. My starting weight was 128 kg, within 3 weeks I had lost 13.2 kg. I feel fantastic!

David W

I lost 9 kg in 30 days and I wasn’t even hungry.

Christine M