Skinny Traveler Meal Plan

Skinny World dieters who must travel in P1 – Weight Loss need to consider whether they can stick to the 500 calorie per day VLCD protocol.

If you CAN stick to the P1 protocol YOU MUST

  1. continue API application daily
  2. travel with your weight scales and weigh yourself daily
  3. if possible take your food scales also
  4. DON’T FORGET your grissini sticks
  5. on the day of your departure, try to eat your ‘P1 Skinny Meal’ before you board your flight

if your flight is a long haul and you cannot bring your own food on board

  1. eat the salad without any dressing
  2. eat a piece of fruit – it will usually be an apple or orange
  3. sneak a grissini stick on board and eat it at the meal time or have it before you get on board
  4. if there is a permissible protein you may eat it PROVIDED THAT it is not drenched in sauce as it may contain oil and sugar
  5. drink as much plain water, soda water or mineral water as you can to remain hydrated. You may use UHT milk in tea or coffee but NOT CREAMER

Remember, any deviation from the prescribed protocol will set you back about 3 days in your weight loss goal.
NOTE: Air travelers usually experience fluid retention due to osmotic pressure of flying – don’t panic if your weight goes up by 1 kg (2 lbs) as it is to be expected. It will fall off once you are back to your normal routine.

During your trip you will need to find ‘permissible foods that are easily prepared.


  1. buy 7 pre-boiled prawns (i.e. orange color) per meal – have them with fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper
  2. boil 4 eggs in the hotel kettle – eat one whole and whites only of the remaining 3 eggs
  3. sashimi – WHITE FISH ONLY (no tuna or salmon) and radish (the stringy white condiment)
  4. tinned crab meat in water or brine (not oil)
  5. Shabu-Shabu (Korean hot pot) – take 100g raw beef and 1 vegetable – e.g. cabbage

Vegetable in addition to the above suggestions in points ‘3’ and ‘5’

  1. buy whole cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, radish, lettuce or arugula (rocket) – these can be eaten raw
  2. sauerkraut (pickled cabbage)


  1. 1 x apple, 1 orange, 8 strawberries or ½ grapefruit per meal
  • DON’T have any alcohol
  • DON’T have any dessert – permissible fruit only

If you CANNOT stick to the P1 protocol you MUST

  1. cease the API application 3 days prior to departure
  2. continue the 500 calorie VLCD diet for 3 more days (up until the day of your departure)

If you intend to resume the diet after you return home only have 800 calories per day using 300 additional calories from the ‘permissible ingredients list’.

if the interruption is less than 2 weeks

  1. resume API application the day of your return and revert to the 500 calorie per day VLCD immediately

if the interruption it is more than 2 weeks

  1. resume API application the day of your return
  2. eat normally for 2 days
  3. resume the 500 calorie per day VLCD on the 3rd day and continue until the end of P1