What does NUTRITION mean to you

Nutrition is the process of breaking down food and using it for energy and nourishment.

There are six major classes of nutrients: carbohydrate, fat, minerals, protein, vitamins, and water. You can read about all of these vital elements in the Eat Right for Health tab at Nutrition Notes.

Many things we put in our mouth today, so called ‘foods’, are not nutritious, unpronouncable and some are actually known to be harmful. Further, the more highly processed the food, generally the less fiber it contains. This is a problem for people who want to maintain a healthy weight because it interferes with your brain’s ability to estimate the number of calories you have eaten and stop you when you’ve had enough.  The food industry is a profit driven business, even so you’d be surprised just what passes for food these days – petroleum based products, bird feathers, silicone etc

There is no doubt whatsoever that modern food processing technology has contributed to the development of obesity and obesity-related diseases that are increasingly prevalent worldwide.

My advice to you is: keep it simple, learn to cook and only buy and eat foods that are recognizable. Select whole meal over processed grains and unprocessed or less processed foods such as fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, meat and dairy.