Why Do Skinny People Get Fat

Why Do Skinny People Get Fat

There are two kinds of fat in the human body – normal and abnormal.

Normal fat tends to be a brownish color. It fills the gaps between the organs and protects them from damage. It also keeps the skin smooth and taut. It can be used in a nutritional emergency if you don’t get enough calories from food. Abnormal fat tends to be white in color. This fat is a potential source of reserve fuel but is only accessible after normal fat reserves are exhausted. It is resistant to diet and exercise and is as if it is ‘locked away’. The tendency to accumulate abnormal white fat is due to a metabolic disorder. In other words, if you are overweight it is because your metabolism isn’t working properly. People who suffer from the disorder will get fat whether they eat excessively, normally or sparingly. On the other hand, people who are free of the disorder will not get fat, even if they frequently overeat.

Many combinations of reasons cause the onset of the obesity disorder. Elimination of factors that brought it on may slow down its progress but it cannot be ‘cured’. Obesity is not caused by a lack of willpower or simply overeating, nor can it be cured by under-eating.

Overeating is the RESULT of the disorder NOT the cause.

An area of the brain called the hypothalamus coordinates many complex mechanisms and behaviors including:

  • appetite regulation (hunger)
  • water balance (thirst)
  • body temperature
  • moods and sex drive
  • sleep-wake cycle
  • immunity

The hypothalamus maintains your ‘weight-set-point’. The weight you are from day to day. Stress, refined foods and especially artificial food additives cause disturbances in the function of the hypothalamus. The truth about food manufacture today is rarely pure and never simple. Humans have been fed adulterated, denatured, fiberless, calorie-dense ‘food’ for three generations. Before that started happening hardly anyone was fat. Animals, left to their own device, don’t get fat. For instance, have you ever seen a fat giraffe? No. They eat as many leaves as they like but they never get fat. If humans ate real food from the cradle to the grave 100 percent of the time, not one of us would be fat either.

The surprising thing today is that anyone is slim at all. Small children frequently leave food on their plate. They eat until they are ‘just right!’ Their hypothalamus or brain tells them they have had enough to eat so they stop eating. Adults rarely leave food on their plate. That’s because once the metabolic disorder of accumulating white adipose fat is established, the hypothalamus has stopped regulating hunger and thirst ‘normally’ so that you no longer realize you are full until you are ‘stuffed!’

Compared to 20 years ago, on average men and women are eating about 187 and 335 more calories respectively per day. Constantly eating more calories than required leads to obesity. Being overweight or obese is a marker for risk behaviors such as poor diet and sedentary lifestyle which result in a loss of cardiorespiratory fitness.

Excess body fat disrupts hormonal balance and creates a source of chronic inflammation. This leads to disease such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. The higher your ‘body mass index’ (BMI) the higher your risk for developing disease.

By reducing weight you can reduce your risk. Many people who have tried to diet can attest to ‘the Vicious Cycle of Weight Loss.’ Despite best intentions and initial success, progress quickly grinds to a standstill; hungry, frustrated and exhausted you lose motivation and when you inevitably fall off the diet the rush of extra calories is rapidly converted to fat. All that hard work and self-sacrifice for nothing.

Your brain can’t recognize the difference between dieting and starving. On a normal calorie restricted diet your brain thinks you are starving. A cascade of events prevent you from losing weight such as reduced energy, a preference for less physical activity, a more stimulated appetite, anxiety and moodiness.

No diet works if it leaves you feeling hungry because one day you will have to eat. Normal diets don’t work without exercise. If you don’t add exercise along with a normal calorie restricted diet you will lose lean muscle as well as fat and water.

Because the brain thinks you are ‘starving’, your body conserves energy for only the most important functions. Muscle requires more energy to maintain than fat does therefore your reduces the amount of muscle tissue you have rather than eliminating fat. This causes your metabolism to slow down. Adding exercise to a normal calorie restricted diet protects your muscle and allows you to lose fat.

Because you can’t diet forever, when you inevitably fall off the diet, weight is regained faster than it was lost because your body is burning fewer calories. The rebound weight is all fat, not the muscle you lost. That’s why many people look worse after a diet than they did before it.

But there’s one diet that does not require vigorous exercise ...

The HCG Diet

Genuine HCG in combination with a 500 calorie per day diet resets the hypothalamus to break down and use abnormal ‘locked away’ white adipose fat as your primary source of fuel. Your hypothalamus thinks it’s getting all the calories it needs so you won’t even feel hungry.

By the end of the program you will:

  • be up to 7 kg (15 lbs) lighter on the 26 day program
  • be up to 15 kg (34 lbs) lighter on 43 day program
  • have improved health
  • look and feel years younger
  • men report improved erectile function

Stick to the protocol and the weight you reach on your ‘last weight day’ (LWD) will be stable within 1 kg (2 lbs).  That’s why the HCG Diet is called the closest thing that exists to an obesity cure.

So what are you waiting for? Find the Skinny in YOU.